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Since the “vision” seems to be changing by the day we thought we’d modify our tag line a little bit!

We are monitoring the extended stay-at-home ordinance in parallel to understanding the impact of this on allowable construction. The two are not always defined the same and clarity remains elusive.
That’s ok; we are setting up to be ready no matter what so we can easily pivot.
  • Project Managers are working diligently as a Task Force to set benchmarks for PPE, site protocols and site-specific safety requirements.
  • We have a FHPB COVID Safety Plan that will mimic the requirements from the City of Boston and can cover all of our projects.
  • The City issued its documentation as of April 27; we are, per job, meeting the requirements and submitting the affidavits to Inspectional Services.
  • We will train and support our Trade Partners for their safety.

But, no matter what, we are who we have always been; that won’t ever change:

Human. Empathic. Adaptable. Refined. Transparent. Communicative.
Vision Accomplished

Please continue to take care of yourself and each other.