Sloppy Kisses

I get that not every person is a dog person. Dogs shed and bark. They lick unimaginably hard places to reach and eat things that: a. you don’t know how they found and b. you would never even touch with your bare hand. They jump on the counter, jump on your mother-in-law, jump into bed … Continued

A Country Song

Over the years song lyrics have contributed significantly to the outcome of my life. Music re-orients my mood or perspective in an instant and I’m certain there is some neuro-researcher out there who thinks we should all have personal playlists to navigate our days and be done with angst and emotional BS altogether. So all … Continued

F.H. Perry Builder Supports Boston Design Week

At F.H. Perry Builder, we’re not just about building houses; we’re also committed to building community. This year, we are sponsoring Boston Design Week – an annual celebration of the region’s best design firms and professionals. Boston Design Week is one of the region’s signature creative events, filled with dynamic and interesting presentations, discussions, and … Continued

Outside…and Inside

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year. My eight year old got a hold of my phone and started texting invitations around before I could say “let’s talk about this!” Its ok, not that big a deal really, six adults (the majority to whom I am a blood relative), two pre-teens (opposite sex but they don’t really … Continued

Gulp…of Joy

September comes and there is a manic sense of gearing up…just when the harvest is supposed to begin and we are meant to shutter in for the winter season. My body is always confused at this time of year resisting the sudden burst of activity and renewed focus on early school activities, fall sports and … Continued

Allison receives Distinguished Mentor recognition as nominated by her peers through Design New England Magazine

The MIDDIES (Mentors In Design) salute design professionals in interior design, architecture, building, landscape design, landscape architecture and related fields, who share their time, expertise, and wisdom with the next generation. A nominee might be someone who has mentored you or who you have observed mentoring others during his or her career. Allison was completely … Continued

Hang On…You’ve Got This

We here in the Northeast have an affliction that hits every year about this time with the mid-winter thaw. We should have a name for it like “Hopelessly Harbingered” or “Punxsutawney’s Will” so that when a friend shows up with sockless shoes on February 28th you can label the danger. But even the oldest salt … Continued

Preservation of the Historic Guyot-Horsford House

F.H. Perry Builder is proud to team up with Design Associates for this great Cambridge preservation project. Exterior preservation of the historic Guyot-Horsford House (built 1854) and Stable (built 1882) is underway. Noted architect Henry Greenough designed the Italianate style house for professor Arnold Guyot of Harvard and for many years it was the home … Continued

National Market Leaders

We are incredibly honored to have been one of the two companies recognized nationwide for our business excellence in the 2016 Market Leaders competition. “The 2016 Market Leaders are a diverse and accomplished group.  After a rigorous judging process, we selected winners from two regions—East and West—in a variety of categories from customer satisfaction to … Continued