Thank You!

thanksĀ·givĀ·ing noun 1.the expression of gratitude 2.(in North America) an annual national holiday To me, Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays. No presents to purchase and distribute; just be present. Which can be hard for me to do with the phone dinging, the kids screaming in the play room, my Mother getting frustrated at … Continued

Don’t Forget!

Oh the pretty leaves… …are brutal. Unless you are the one jumping in them. Fall preparation is time consuming AND important. It isn’t just raking the leaves in the yard, it is making sure your HVAC system is serviced and running smoothly. It is clean gutters to avoid ice dams and sealed windows to prevent … Continued

The Journey is the Destination

For most of my life I have romanticized rail travel. I’m not sure I can name with any specificity the reason, but there’s something about it that always makes me feel wistful and, somehow, adventurous. Perhaps it is the stillness inside the train juxtaposed with the fast-forward pass-by of the external scenery. Or maybe the … Continued

No tricks – Just treats.

It is a treat to be invited into your home for work. To be honest, we are honored and quite humbled by the invitation. We know you can reach out to others for help but you choose F.H.Perry Home and we appreciate that. We hope you feel a sense of connection when choosing us to … Continued

I am Listening

I think I forget to remind you. I am listening to you. Of course this should be felt as opposed to telling you but sometimes don’t we need to hear it too? I like the reassurance that someone listened; not just heard the words but really listened to me. I had the HONOR to attend … Continued

What is Your Why?

Either my kids are getting crazier or the whole world is getting crazier. Maybe both. In either case I am losing my grip. The boundaries are changing. The requests are bigger and harder. Sometimes I feel so ill-equipped, stunned that an alternative perception can be such a violent interruption to the consummate safety of a … Continued

Where To?

What’s your “must see” prior to the winter? I always have a little bucket list of things that I need to do as fall arrives. Leaf peeping in Western Mass never gets old. Hitting up my favorite local pumpkin stand. Going to the fairs. And finding new hiking trails are consistent every year. Of course, … Continued

Be Ahead of it

I already miss it. Summer. And feel excited at the same time. That’s what fall does for me. Of course I will miss the beach trips, BBQ’s, and the longer days but I love the crisp air and homey feeling that fall brings with it; the time of year when mother nature gives us a … Continued

There is Still Time

How are we already through two whole months of Summer? We have been busy at F.H. Perry Home! We have conquered several projects and what seems like hundreds of smaller to-do’s. Being busy is great- Thank you all! BUT wow does it make the day/week/month fly right by. And it does feel like we will … Continued

The Space Between

A summer Saturday night — the shadows so still and lasting. Voices bouncing across a stretch of jade lawn before sneaking in through the screen door. A moment, a whisper really, when it seems life simply cannot get any better. When by innocently remarking on it is almost to lose it. But the utter sweetness … Continued