Twist and Shout

The title is me painting you a picture of when I turned a door knob and it fell off in my hand! Every season you probably notice different gaps, sags and squeaks in your cabinetry and doors. This movement is expected with the materials expanding and contracting due to the season. Don’t worry, every house … Continued

Take the Fork

When you come to a fork in the road… Take it! – Y. Berra The street I live on ends by dumping out into State Forest property with its endless loops for walking, dirt biking, cross country skiing, or snowshoeing. I wouldn’t count myself one of those North Face extremists (though I do love a … Continued

Snuggle Up

Cozy up… The snow and ice are coming. Don’t let last weekend’s (amazingly wonderful) tease of 60 degree weather let you believe that Spring is around the corner. We all know what we have to get through first! Cold. Snow. Ice. The silver lining is we can help you through it. Some things we hear … Continued

Go Ahead and Vacation

Go ahead and book that vacation… Planning the trip and packing can be a headache. Let us take one thing off your plate and check-in on the safety of your home while you are away. We will do house checks as often as you like: a simple safety check, ensure you got cleared out after … Continued

Stay Warm

Brr… The winter has come in with vengeance this year! Some love it and embrace it- throw the ski’s in the car and hit the road. Others hate every little flake and temperature drop. Regardless if you are out of here headed to the warm Florida sun or stay home and find snowy adventures, do … Continued

Holding Disappointment Lightly

Hello friends. Here we are. December. The holiday season. Take a deep breath. Because, once again, many of us will teeter at the threshold of idealism; the hope that maybe this year it will be perfect. No disappointment, thank-you. Gifts– perfected. Kind kids. Reasonable relatives. Let’s do this. Ready? Yah. Me neither. Wait. Is that … Continued

Thank You!

thanksĀ·givĀ·ing noun 1.the expression of gratitude 2.(in North America) an annual national holiday To me, Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays. No presents to purchase and distribute; just be present. Which can be hard for me to do with the phone dinging, the kids screaming in the play room, my Mother getting frustrated at … Continued

Don’t Forget!

Oh the pretty leaves… …are brutal. Unless you are the one jumping in them. Fall preparation is time consuming AND important. It isn’t just raking the leaves in the yard, it is making sure your HVAC system is serviced and running smoothly. It is clean gutters to avoid ice dams and sealed windows to prevent … Continued

The Journey is the Destination

For most of my life I have romanticized rail travel. I’m not sure I can name with any specificity the reason, but there’s something about it that always makes me feel wistful and, somehow, adventurous. Perhaps it is the stillness inside the train juxtaposed with the fast-forward pass-by of the external scenery. Or maybe the … Continued

No tricks – Just treats.

It is a treat to be invited into your home for work. To be honest, we are honored and quite humbled by the invitation. We know you can reach out to others for help but you choose F.H.Perry Home and we appreciate that. We hope you feel a sense of connection when choosing us to … Continued