Spring Maintenance

Spring Refresh Who is ready for the sunshine, green grass, and warm weather? To me that all sounds wonderful- but we know what comes with that: spring cleaning, snow run-off flooding your yard and sidewalks, windows covered in winter film, an AC system that needs its Spring service, and OH so much more. No problem-we … Continued

Running To and Running From

I’ve been a parent for thirteen years. After a series of other character-building endeavors including age appropriate collegiate shenanigans, two years of waitress-funded independence in the Pacific Northwest, a shabby-chic Boston North End condo purchase, and half a MBA I found the man of my dreams, signed the pledge and launched my progenitor career. Growth … Continued

Meet Your Team – Liz Athorn

We are so involved in your home, we thought you may want to know a bit about us. Liz recently got married and went through the rigorous name change process, which is why you are receiving emails from Liz Athorn instead of Liz Atkins. Same person. Same initials. Different last name. Liz married her husband … Continued

Move over…Rams

Make room for another WIN Sometimes something big comes along and you need to get that space ready to host guests, serve food, and cheer on your team. It may be short notice this time around but know one of our services is to help move furniture, assist with AV, set up a space for … Continued

Competitive and Impatient

So, deep down, I’m competitive. And impatient. Competitive and impatient. I angle my cart at the grocery store for the fastest register. I want to be the first off the line at a green light. I have never let a kid win a board game on purpose…(don’t judge). In other words, I am all too … Continued

We Are There When You Can’t Be

Going away for work or play can be exciting and at times stressful knowing what your leaving unattended. We can be there for you and your home when you cannot. A typical house check includes: Bring in mail, newspapers, and packages Investigate for any activity that may appear irregular Inspect the mechanical room for leaks … Continued

Calm and Bright

Well my friends. Here we are. The holiday season. Like it or not, bells are ringing, lights are swinging and we’re in deep for another month or so. Is it effervescent magic? Self-reflective harmony? Renewal of an elusive childhood? Stress? Staggering conformity? Outlandish attention to the majority? Like I said, no matter who you are, … Continued

Allison Speaks at WIR event on Nov. 13th at Wellesley College

Women in Remodeling Event On November 13th at Wellesley College, the Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remolding Industry (NARI) launched its inaugural “Women in Remodeling” event to showcase incredible local leaders and to support and inspire women in the industry. F. H. Perry Builder was pleased and proud to be included … Continued

Allison Speaks at the Women in Residential Construction Conference

The Power of Emotional Intelligence Thursday, September 13 Each year, companies lose millions of dollars in productivity because of hurt, scared, or disgruntled employees. Emotions are the threads of the human fabric; ignoring them in your staff compromises the strength of your business tapestry. Iantosca brings heartfelt and critical insight into the strategic implementation of … Continued