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What began as a marketing exercise in 2014 has become a collection of essays offering a reflection on a model of leadership and client relationship that focuses on a deep connection to human capacity and capability. Witty, poignant, wise, Allison’s essays offer insight into how to run a business, a team, or a project with warmth and expertise.

This book is an incredible resource for clients embarking with FH Perry Builder on a major remodel, leaders seeking fresh and compelling insights to working with employees and teams, or anyone, really, seeking a refreshing view on human interactions.

This book will inspire you to whatever extent you are willing to have it do so. You will be moved by the connections of everyday life with optimistic, thoughtful, and heart-centered business ideals.

Praise for Leading with HEART…


Allison Iantosca’s wisdom, business expertise, writing skill, and human warmth make her an incredible resource for people looking for insights on…well…anything. Her perceptions are fresh and compelling. Her delivery is humble and authentic. Her ideas have broad application. Read this book.

Erika Mosse, Director of Content, Professional Remodeler


The magic of Allison’s writing is that her message always touches on some aspect of one’s life –whether business or personal, or both. One thing I know for sure is that time spent reading what Allison writes is time well spent. This book will inspire you to whatever extent you are willing to have it do so.  Rest assured, you will be a better person because of it.

Rich Carlson, President, Carlson Communications


Some remodeling business owners are masterful on the “how” but very few on the “why.” Allison brings color to an otherwise very black and white remodeling world. Not just prescriptive but poetic, reading her prose will not only make you think but will warm your heart.

Mark Richardson, Author|Speaker|Advisor to the Remodeling Industry


Allison Iantosca’s essays offer a model of leadership that doesn’t reflect a “values vs. profits” tradeoff.  She knows that is an artificial choice and one that actually compromises both. Instead, the little jewels Allison creates remind us that leading is a holistic activity, one that requires our whole selves.  Being smart is good. Leading also with heart, in business and in life, makes for fewer tough decisions, more satisfied clients, and, even, higher profits.

Pamela D.A. Reeve, Chair, The Women’s Edge


Allison has a passion to make things better– for her company and employees, her family, her leadership and for the world. You will be moved by how she connects everyday life with optimistic, inspiring, and heart-centered business ideals.

Gerry Gaetz, Adviser, Board Director, former CEO

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