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So you have this idea, this incredible inspiration for your dream kitchen. But let’s face it, your kitchen is the heart of your home and the thought of tearing it out can be, well, heart-wrenching. We get it. Our job, and our promise to you, is we will keep you living, keep your existing household stable in its routines, and insert our work as carefully as we can into an already busy lifestyle.

From your dedicated project manager to our expert craftsmen, every member of F.H. Perry Builder is inspired to confront challenges with creative solutions and a consistent level of unrivaled personalized service. Perhaps you’ll need us to set up a temporary kitchen. Perhaps you’ll need discreet access around exterior staging. Perhaps you’ll need us to maintain hot water, gas and electric so there is no interruption in your service.

Approaching a project with the focus on your personal needs means that we see your project from a compassionate point of view. It means that we see your hopes and your fears just as you do and we also see inventive ways to harness the power of possibility.


How can we help you realize your vision?