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Ready to get our hands dirty…again!

It’s been a strange time.
We went from working long hard hours together developing the Build and Home Divisions at F.H.Perry and determining the next best ways to build out both areas of the business to be fluid and productive…

to…like the rest of the world, figuring out how to work like this from home. It was hard for all the obvious reasons. But, on a positive note, it did allow us the time that may help our forward thinking.

And it has given us plenty of time to think of how wonderful it will be to get back on projects and speak face to face with a trade, meet with an architect, and see our clients for the first time in months!
The simple daily moments we may have taken for grated before.

On a personal note, I have used this slow down to my benefit. I have dug my hands into yard work and projects around my home. The extra dog snuggles sure got me by on the tough days. And my mindset has shifted from this; I have chosen to look ahead with a little more kindness for each other’s fragility. I want to slow down and really embrace what makes us different.

I have also really tried to capture who we are at F.H. Perry during this time. It’s been tough AND invigorating to be working virtually with a team that wouldn’t normally be able to see each other everyday. I got to work with PM’s on items I wouldn’t have been involved with before and I got to see their faces every day. This has been more powerful than I (or we) anticipated. Everyone jumped on board with the quick adaptation to change and embraced the new normal here, which, I believe, speaks volumes about our team.

We chose to take this pause and improve our systems both virtually and internally and to move forward with software upgrades, staffing adjustments and role changes.

The team as a whole has improved and grown stronger, together.

So we are READY! We are better than before and ready to be back in the mix, working on projects, helping in your home, and being with our trades again. We have things we want to try and we need to be out there to do it.

Soon I will be reaching out to our Home Clients to schedule your open task list items and to begin scheduling new requests. Soon the PM’s will be back on the big project job sites.

Our new clean gloves are ready to get dirty with hard work!

Thank you for staying with us. Please remember to keep taking care of yourself and each other.


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things”. Robert Brault

I am always here for you.

Email me at with any questions or service requests.