Our Story

Two important things happened in 1977.

1.) F.H. Perry Builder was created. 2.) The company’s future President, Allison Perry Iantosca, turned five years old. And for the next twenty years or so, both grew and flourished without minding much about the business of the other. Of course, Finley H. Perry, founder of both the company and the child, was quite busy and very much behind the ensuing success of each.

Finley, after graduating from Stanford University, returned home to Boston to begin his professional career working for then-Governor Francis Sargent. For Finley, politics proved fascinating but static, and he began to seek more concrete representations of his efforts. He built a house with a friend, got referred to build another house for another friend, and soon had gathered enough referrals to create a thriving little business.

The recession of the eighties proved helpful as it prompted Finley to reevaluate the business and his role as founder. He decided that he was a better businessman than carpenter and that his preferred company culture was more businesslike than ad hoc. And so he, along with a handful of like-minded individuals, turned the company into the project management firm it is today.

Photograph by Matt Kalinowski

Meanwhile, and with the enthusiastic support of her father,

Allison was pursuing a degree in theater, leading to life as an actress on both coasts. She loved the theater for its emphasis on creativity, empathy, excellence and mutual support towards a shared goal. And she loved the discipline and rigor she learned while attending Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Though Allison worked hard and realized much success in this world, she began itching for a business platform that would celebrate the values she enjoyed in the theater.

Before 2000, Finley and Allison had never talked about working together. But the time seemed right and so they agreed on a “six-month-either-one-of-us-can-walk-away” experiment. Nearly twenty years later, Allison is now the President and Owner of F.H. Perry Builder.

Finley began what Allison and her team bring to bear each day: A belief that integrity is non-negotiable. A commitment to fairness, elegance, and craftsmanship. A genuine interest in people and a faith in the value that each individual brings.

Over forty years, we have built hundreds of homes and, as a result, have touched the lives of thousands of people. We are so proud to have left a positive mark on the city we love, one that will last and be enjoyed long after any of us is done swinging a hammer.

Our Team

Elizabeth Athorn

Account Manager, F.H. Perry Home

Warm and empathic, Liz helps clients, trade partners, co-workers, and basically all humans feel well taken care of.


Matt Baker

Field Expert

Matt is determined to balance the day to day activity with conscious dedication to provide thoughtful follow up to his clients and team.


Brian Barry

Project Manager

Brian seeks to contribute all he can to give his team and clients the greatest sense of self-worth.


Wade Bergeron

Projects Executive

A lifelong learner, Wade drives a greater understanding of the contributions people make to raise the level of excitement within themselves and their peers.


Bill Burke

Project Manager

Bill’s joyful sense of humor builds rapport immediately; add his sincerity and earnestness and you get a lasting trust.


Caralyn Carrazza

Accounts Payable Manager

With genuine dedication and a thoughtful and honest approach, Caralyn is the administrative hub of the company.


John Fay

Field Technician

John enjoys building strong client relationships and having clients trust in him to maintain their fine homes.


Jim Foscaldo

Account Executive

An accomplished fine-home builder who brings an able approach to discerning projects.


Marc Gagne

Project Manager

When Marc tells someone something it comes with the promise that it will be done to the absolute best of his ability.


Billy Glynn

Projects Executive

Fulfillment comes from the devotion to supporting the success of others.


Denis Henri

Field Technician

With a deep passion for craftsmanship and hard work, Denis loves to see his clients smile.


Chris Humphrey

Project Manager

Chris consistently contributes to developing methods that make his co-workers’ jobs easier and the organization run smoother.


Allison Iantosca


Eager to inspire success in others, Allison holds a container in which people grow and become their best selves. She is passionately involved in a range of Boston charities and nonprofits and has been recognized for her leadership and business acumen by Boston Future Leaders, Banker and Tradesmen, the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston, and others. During her tenure, F.H.Perry Builder was named one of the Commonwealth Institute’s Top 100 Women-Led Businesses for three years in a row.



Rebecca Krauss

Project Manager

A focused, well organized professional, Rebecca dedicates her attention to achieving common goals.


Bill Moretti

Senior Project Manager

Bill brings his devotion to excellence and perfection to everything and everyone he engages in life.


Sam Peake

Senior Project Manager

With an off-the-charts work ethic, Sam brings his deep construction skill and depth of thoughtfulness to every project.


Angela Prizio

Director of Finance

Not your average accounting professional. Powerful in the analysis of numbers but driven by relationships and creativity.


Michael Resteghini

Account Executive

With a strong belief in transparency and fairness, Michael builds project teams and budgets with a commitment to mutual respect.


Sarah Slottje

Project Estimator

Sarah aims to create and environment of trust and dependability on every job she touches.


Bob Urato

Project Manager

Bob has a love for residential construction. And though carpentry is like breathing to him, every day is a chance to know more, teach more and make everything just a little bit better.


Rob Walker

Operations Manager, FH Perry Home

Using everyone’s separate experiences, Rob seeks to cultivate the growth of the individuals on his team as well as himself.



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