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Yes, has expanded into F. H.Perry Home!

Did you realize that our Home Division has devoted team members and trade partners who help us complete specialty medium-scale projects?

For example:

– Projects that don’t need an architect
– Projects that maybe do need an architect
– Projects that don’t need a designer
– Projects that should need a designer
– Projects that don’t need full time supervision
– Projects that are more efficient with full time supervision

Are you catching my drift?

The Specialty Project Division of F.H. Perry Home is here to handle your next project regardless of size. And if it, for some reason, expands to a much larger project, no problem, our Build Team is here for the hand off.

In other words, at F.H.Perry Builder we are able to handle the large renovations, ongoing maintenance, AND the mid-size specialty projects!

Because here, when you start with YES anything is possible.

Let’s set up a zoom call and talk out your next project!

“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”- Mattie Stepanek

I am always here for you.

Email me at with any questions or service requests.