Home Is Where The Heart Is.

At F.H Perry Builder we believe this through and through.

Every other Friday we have the opportunity to get together as a company and discuss all the happenings around us, with us, and at our jobs.

It’s an important time to remember the people behind the email addresses. It is a time to connect and remember what we all have in common. It’s constant, and never really surprising, that the most common denominator is our heart and passion; the love for our jobs, our projects, our clients and each other.

Collectively, every person leaves the conference room with a reminder and motivation to lead with your heart.

So, feeling motivated myself after this mornings meeting- I’m here to say lead with your heart, enjoy the day, and of course let me know if I can help you
love your home even more!

“Follow your passion, follow your dreams, but most of all follow your heart.” Unknown

I am always here for you.

Please call us at 508-435-3170 or email Liz directly at eathorn@fhperry.com!