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This weather…or more specifically wet weather… has been pretty par for course lately! 

The rain and snow melt being so constant this year, we are seeing water infiltration in many homes because of it.

Seems like a good time to remind you of some tips to avoid issues:

– Clean gutters & downspouts

– Install water alarms

– Inspect drains and clear of debris

– Regularly inspect roof 

– Replace broken shingles

– Insulate pipes

– Install sump pump

– Service mechanical equipment

– Install door sweeps

– Check windows

We are ready and available to assist with all of these items. 

It’s as easy as setting up a house review today, email Liz.

Stay dry!

“The sun after the rain is much more 

beautiful than the sun before the rain.”  Bill Watterson

I am always here for you.

Email me at with any questions or service requests.