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The morning routine looks different these days.

Some of us in the Company are working from home. I am one of them. My commute is letting the dog in and out about 5 times and grabbing my coffee from the pot on the kitchen counter. Somewhere in there I wake up my computer and catch up on what I missed during the last 8 hours. I do have a hard time knowing when to turn off at the end of the day, boundaries are strange, I’m working harder than ever, and I don’t have the busy office interactions with other humans. But it’s nice to have this slower start, no traffic, and my dog has never felt this day-long freedom; I am sure she couldn’t love it more.

The rest of us are onsite. Our production and project development teams still rush out the door saying goodbye to their families for the day. And though they fight through a bit less traffic than before, I imagine they still chug their coffee before they get to the site because it’s nearly impossible to drink it once you put on that mask. They open the site, operate the front door, check trades in, take temperatures, ask pretty pointed health and behavior questions, and cross fingers that everyone is still healthy from yesterday. But they get to build and be productive. They meet with our most important trades and designers and ensure that everyone is hanging in there in person.

Hands down, the new morning routine on site is much tougher than mine at home. Humble brag, because I am proud that our PM’s are embracing it, even though it is so difficult and different.

Our priority is safety, always has been, always will be. We realize that a safe site is a happy site and a happy site is a productive site.

Our safety guidelines are here in case you are curious what extra precautions we are taking to keep everyone safe.

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”. Unknown

Photo credit: Bill Moretti from FHPB
Starring: Marc Gagne from FHPB and Dave from GT Framing

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