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This rainy summer had us quite busy with water clean-up, repairs and preparations to avoid repeat offenders. 

And…we were reminded why we have sump pump service and generator maintenance on our Home Maintenance Task List! 

It is so important to service your generator and sump pump  

Just like people when we don’t do something for a while, these machines need a jump start to remember their task. Our quick generator service is just enough to keep everything in tip top shape to avoid a blackout. Sump pump service and testing is a key item to add to your home’s maintenance list so you are ready for the torrential flooding rains like this summer delivered. 

Both services, unfortunately, tend to get overlooked but we’ve got you! And when these machines are needed to protect your home and they just work, you’ll be so happy.

Reach out to Liz today if you want to schedule a service date for this service or make sure it is added to your home maintenance list for us to track.

Hope that you stay dry and enjoy the last few weeks of August.

  “No individual rain drop ever considers itself responsible 

for the flood.” John Ruskin

I am always here for you.

Email me at with any questions or service requests.