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Photo is of our newest mascot, Bean Prizio. Welcome to the team, Bean!

Just a dusting overnight but still enough to get out there and clean up.
At least this puppy is enjoying it!

We are still available to help with these items:
-Roof Raking
-Attic Insulation
-Snow removal
-Heated stairmats
-HVAC equipment checks and filter changes

Another thing to do is check gutters and remove icicles. Removing them from entry ways is important so they don’t fall on someone or create an icy path while melting.

Let me know if we can help!

Hope you and your home remained safe.
We are here if you need anything!
Stay warm!

“There is just something beautiful about walking in snow that no one else has walked on.”- Carol Rifka Brunt

I am always here for you.

Email me at with any questions or service requests.