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Inside Looking Out—Perspectives

Same Story…But a New Storyteller

By August 12, 2014June 15th, 2018No Comments

Leaning in…

The other day I had a birthday; which one is not important but suffice it to say I have managed to successfully tip (trip?) into middle age and I actually find the view from here quite compelling. I am old enough now to reminisce on those days of black and white televisions, hanger and tin foil homemade antennae’s, no remote controls. In fact, I am old enough to have not had email in college or a computer to type it on. So it makes me smile when my eight year old son asks some outlandish question and when I say “I don’t know” he says “why don’t you look it up on your phone?” Huh?! Ah yes, information at our fingertips, wisdom at our very reach, personal identity found at moment’s notice. Lean in.

Here’s the thing. As a company we’ve always managed to lean in; to stay leading but not bleeding edge on technology. We have the tools in place that make sense, make us efficient, keep us close to the customer. We worry, a lot, about feel, touch, experience, talking, listening, helping, communicating. We ask ourselves if these two things—leading edge technology and a true brand experience—can live in the same plane. We hope so. After all, wasn’t it kind of a funny family moment when you had to adjust the bunny-ears just right with one hand while changing the channel with the other? We don’t want to lose the depth of our experiences as human beings.

And yet the world keeps moving, and so too, do we with it. But we won’t compromise the experience. So here is our new website. A story, an experience, an understanding of the deeper parts and pieces of life that inevitably shape thought and progress. This is us; available at your fingertips AND deeply human. Let us know what you think.

All my best,