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We extend our sincere gratitude to DO&BE Agency for the write up on Allison Iantosca. Titled “PWB Spotlight on Allison Iantosca: Championing Excellence in the Building Industry,” the article captured Allison’s twenty-five-year journey from a Product Selections Manager to CEO, President, and Partner of F.H. Perry Builder. Thank you to DO&BE for capturing Allison’s resilience, empathy, and commitment to excellence.

Allison’s leadership style emphasizes emotional intelligence and a human-centric approach to business and construction—all things Allison emphasized in her book, “Leading with HEART”. We like to think that Allison’s writing and personal story underscore the transformative impact women can have in traditionally male-dominated fields, inspiring inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment. We know how important this is to DO&BE Agency and to PWB and it is an honor to be included in the effort to open the industry doors wide to women. You have so much to offer here.

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