Nothing about this project site was straightforward. It sits atop a hill with the potential for flooding waters that pool in the lower neighbor’s yard and basement. It involved an enormous frame, meant to situate sedately alongside a pristine golf course. The “area of work” allowed for just an acre and a half of the five-acre lot, significantly constraining construction vehicle maneuverability. Whew!

But it was literally a dream home for the wonderful couple who had been planning it for the previous ten years and such a thrilling project for us to work on. A unique design/build collaboration had us tracking changes up to the minute, while providing thorough pricing comparisons to appropriately vet the best trade partner for each and every piece of the project.

No stone went unturned or question unasked in pursuit of the bottom dollar that would still deliver the highest level of fit and finish. Corners mattered in this project so none were cut, but dreams shouldn’t cost so much that you can’t afford to enjoy them once they become real.


  • Marcus Gleysteen Architects
  • Beauchemin Grassi Interiors
  • Tom Ryan Landscape and Design
  • The Jillson Company
  • F.E. French Construction
  • R.P. Marzilli & Company
  • Ackles Steel & Iron Company
  • Wovensteel
  • Fine Finish /Murray
  • Tradern Fine Woodworking
  • DiFoggio Electric
  • Milestone Co., Inc
  • Clark Painting
  • Climate Engineering
  • Elder Plumbing and Heating
  • Cumar Inc.
  • Mike Bean Plastering
  • Master Refinishing
  • Greentek Framing
  • International Upright
  • Sweeney Roofing

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