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Who else enjoyed a few moments of the beautiful weather this week?

Sitting outside was lovely but while I sat and tried to relax I couldn’t help but add to my Spring to do list:

Get exterior spigots back on
Turn on the gas for the firepit and grill
Set up the pool house
Pressure wash the patio
Clean all the furniture
Set up the string lights
Yard clean up & landscaping
Window washing
Screen install
Garage clean out
Rot repairs on trim…

The list grows by the day!

We can help take care of your list so you are left to just enjoy your space.

Do you have a house on the Cape or shore somewhere that could use some Spring set up? We are available to travel to help with these homes as well.

We all deserve a beautiful place to relax and enjoy this Spring!

“The first blooms of Spring always make my heart sing.” – S.Brown

I am always here for you.

Email me at with any questions or service requests.