A Touch of Grace

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Stewardship. Of space and grace. A modern family. A historic home. A complimentary and caring relationship is required. Respect goes both ways.

We created an open kitchen by taking down a dividing wall that once created a stair hall. Adding an island offered additional counter space while a breakfast nook added more floor space. Down a flight of stairs, space was found every which way—digging down for ceiling height, tucking in cabinets under the stairs for storage, capturing an otherwise archaic masonry structure to be a new wine room.

And now that it’s complete, the home kind of, well, sings. A new tune perhaps but not so far away from its original melody.



Architect: LDa Architects
Chutehall Construction
J&B Demolition
Miley Construction
Kidder Blaisdell
Anderson Insulation
Nugent Plastering
Verardi and Co.
Colonial Marble
Milestone Tile Company
Clark Painting
Vermont Custom Cabinetry
George S Patey and Sons
Climate Engineering
DiFoggio Electric
Wine Garden
Photography Credit: Sean Litchfield

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