Allison Speaks at WIR event on Nov. 13th at Wellesley College

Women in Remodeling Event On November 13th at Wellesley College, the Eastern Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of the Remolding Industry (NARI) launched its inaugural “Women in Remodeling” event to showcase incredible local leaders and to support and inspire women in the industry. F. H. Perry Builder was pleased and proud to be included … Continued

Allison Speaks at the Women in Residential Construction Conference

The Power of Emotional Intelligence Thursday, September 13 Each year, companies lose millions of dollars in productivity because of hurt, scared, or disgruntled employees. Emotions are the threads of the human fabric; ignoring them in your staff compromises the strength of your business tapestry. Iantosca brings heartfelt and critical insight into the strategic implementation of … Continued

Courage to Launch

Scottsdale, Arizona is a beautiful place to visit in September but six airport visits and four planes later I am home again feeling full of metaphor and humanity. I spent almost more time with United Airlines than with my conference-mates for my brief stay in the Southwest. Not the airline’s fault (this time); just layovers … Continued

July 6th…If Only

This missive is woefully past due which I have known for three weeks, four days and nine and half hours. The trouble is I am somewhere between sardonic and sassy these days – my default whenever life throws an overextended series of soft curveballs. Nothing major. Just the stuckness that comes with a to-do list … Continued

Cool little article in the Boston Globe!

Writer Jon Gorey interviewed us for a piece about old construction versus new. “They Just Don’t Build ‘Em Like They Used To—But Should They”. It’s a wonderfully fun exploration of both materials and process; what do we know about the past key elements of quality construction and how we implement similar thinking today (or do … Continued

Allison talks with Boston Voyager Magazine

Allison had a chance to share her career story and give a little company insight to Boston Voyager Magazine. Boston Voyager seeks to give “our big city a little bit of that small town community charm where people know each other.” We hope this helps you know F.H. Perry Builder a little bit more! Click … Continued

Road Trip

I’m never sure when things happen for a reason and when they just happen. I was contemplating this when I found myself in a southbound car in the snow on April 15th with only a hint of an itinerary, a pre-teen, an eight year old, a couple of overnight bags, my Dad and a week … Continued

Mike Resteghini was a panelist at the 26th annual conference on the Greater MetroWest economy on May 11 at the Crown Plaza in Natick.

This year the focus was on housing with keynote speaker Jay Ash, MA Secretary of Housing and Economic Development. The conference featured a panel of experts discussing issues and policies that affect housing in the region including Michael Goodman, the Executive Director of the Public Policy Center at UMass Dartmouth, a representative of an affordable … Continued

Allison Iantosca spoke at the Leadership MetroWest Alumni Breakfast.

The Leadership MetroWest twice-yearly Breakfast events are an opportunity for alumni to gather for professional and personal development and to make connections with others in their impressive alumni network. The theme for the 2018 Spring Breakfast was “What’s Your Story?”   Our personal stories and life experiences shape who we are. They inform our values, crystallize our … Continued