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We are so involved in your home, we thought you may want to know a bit about us.

Liz recently got married and went through the rigorous name change process, which is why you are receiving emails from Liz Athorn instead of Liz Atkins. Same person. Same initials. Different last name.

Liz married her husband Mark on a perfect, sunny day in Winthrop Maine last September 1st. It was a wonderful day of celebration surrounded by friends and family, including her “Home Team”.

Allison, Matt, John, Denis and spouses were all able to enjoy the fun… and the dance floor.

Leaves us thinking of warm weather and summer celebrations. What was your favorite Summer memory?

“Good colleagues are those that know WE is more powerful than ME.” -Unknown

I am always here for you.

Please call us at 508-435-3170!