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Human: We value individuality, creativity, and leadership; 

we empower people to know themselves.

 One of F.H. Perry Builder’s values is Human.

 Life often takes opportunities to remind us that we are all Human. We are going to make mistakes, be confronted with difficult conversations, overcome obstacles, and then, hopefully, grow from these experiences.

 This week I was humbled by a case of poison ivy…on my face. Yes, on my face, and on my wrist which was also annoying, but not nearly as troublesome or embarrassing as on my face. 

 In case you’re wondering how the heck I did this: It could have been from some landscaping (even though I am very careful knowing my allergy) but really I think my dog brought me this gift after an adventure exploring in the woods. SO sweet of her.

 While this posed a fairly significant distraction to me this week, it helped remind me of our FHPB values:

  Human. Empathic. Adaptable. Refined. Transparent. Communicative. 

 I was met with such empathy by anyone who heard about it—clients, trades, co-workers alike. Management was adaptable, allowing off-camera Zoom meetings and missing a company meeting with much understanding. Even when the itch became almost unbearable, I committed to being refined and followed through on my part to be present to my scheduled commitments. Although the whole situation was horribly embarrassing, I was transparent, so the team knew my distraction was my issue and not something they were doing. And most importantly, communicative. As much as I wanted to hide, it was best to be honest and communicate the truth of my uninvited experience.

 I knew we put these values into play on the job sites but, with this experience, I saw it is a part of everything we do. Without missing a beat, my co-workers offered support, empathy, a good laugh and camaraderie.

 Sorry. This may have made you itch in your seat or posed as a reminder to a past time you have been confronted with nature’s “beauty”?! But I do hope it also filled you with optimism and the realization that we truly practice what we preach.

 As I send you into the weekend, I hope the thunderstorms don’t ruin any outdoor plans and any greenery or landscape you enjoy is far away from those pesky three-leafed vines.

  “One man’s poison ivy is another Fellow’s spinach.” George Ade

I am always here for you.

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