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Work Site Provisions and Requirements

F.H Perry Builder is committed to the health and safety of all our employees, trade partners, design partners and clients on every project. For the safety of all people on site, FHPB has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for violations, and appropriate actions – including removal from the job site – will be taken to enforce these policies. Everyone has the right to enforce this policy and will be 100% supported by every FHPB employee.

FHPB has gone to great lengths to prepare each of our job sites in a consistent fashion. Each site has the following items in place to ensure the safety of all individuals.

  • Signage posted reflecting protocols and providing clear direction for proper adherence.
  • Arrival station with sanitizing equipment, thermometer, and self-certification checklist.
  • Backstock of PPE for emergency use.
  • Hand washing and sanitary facilities.
  • Disinfectants and a cleaning protocol to sanitize sites frequently.
  • Division of spaces to allow for 6’ distancing.
  1. Mask wearing is mandatory indoors and is advised when outdoors.
  2. Hand washing upon entry and exit is mandatory; wash with soap for at least 20 seconds in provided hand wash stations and/or use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided.
  3. Maintain a minimum distance of 6’ from other individuals, including during breaks, whenever possible.

Clients, please call on us if there is an emergency in your home. We are ready and able to respond. 617-512-5851.

Trade Partners, please continue to submit invoices to us. You will get paid as usual under your normal payment terms. We are here for you.


Architects and Designers, please think of us if we can develop a project with you. We would love to share in this optimism.


With much love and peace,

Your friends
at F.H. Perry Builder


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