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By October 14, 2014June 15th, 2018No Comments

professional-remodeler-cover-5-2014We’ve reached new heights…

Way back when, at eye level with the magazine racks in the check-out line in the grocery store, I studied the cover-girls of Cosmo and Vogue. Far reaching and ideal, the potential length of my legs was about all I had in common with some of those luxurious ladies. But how it must feel to be selected to represent that ultimate ideal!

For most of my life I have been in a whole other state from that ballpark but recently life has taken an interesting turn; Bill and I were on the May COVER of Professional Remodeler Magazine! A national publication dedicated to creating excellence in our very industry.

It got me wondering if this means F.H. Perry represents an ideal?! What a thought. Like those cover girls…perhaps for a fleeting moment. But here’s the difference between us and them (besides the obvious). We have YOU. We didn’t get to a cover story because it is the pinnacle of our career. We don’t have an agent calling editors daily to pitch us as the next great thing to sell their magazine and we certainly didn’t meet the right-place-right-time-I-know-a-guy guy. Rather you gave us chances. You watched us sweat it out. You pushed us hard. You demanded stewardship and craft at the highest level. You made us pay attention to what matters in client relationships. You designed things we never thought we could build. You are craftspeople that never say no. You are project managers that keep rising to the task.

At the very least, as we look at this snapshot, Bill and I know we are happy and humble and two of the luckiest people around to have the support of the best clients, superior trade partners, and the most extraordinary team in the business…and it didn’t take one bit of airbrushing.

Professional Remodeler Market Leaders

With gratitude,