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Celebrate Diversity

By April 6, 2012June 15th, 2018No Comments

Friends of the Children-Boston Achievers and F.H. Perry Builder volunteers spent an afternoon celebrating diversity. The event was in participation with Stand Against Racism, a movement of the YWCA that aims to eliminate racism by raising awareness. Fifteen Achievers, ten Mentors, and fifteen volunteers from F.H. Perry Builder spent the afternoon learning about each other and creating a mosaic representing diversity and dignity.

F.H. Perry Builder has been a corporate partner of Friends-Boston for over two years. Friends-Boston works to create partnerships that expose kids to new people, opportunities, and skills that will instill a love of learning and ambition for the future. In addition to financial support, F.H. Perry Builder participates in community service and exposes Achievers to careers in building and architecture at events throughout the year. The goal of this event was to bring kids from high-risk communities and volunteers together to understand and celebrate diversity in Boston.

“Building trust and relationships is as important to us as building houses” said F.H. Perry Builder Partner Allison Iantosca. “Spending the day with the Friends of the Children Achievers teaches us about these two values faster than any other life experience. We are proud of and grateful for our affiliation with this phenomenal organization.”

“Friends-Boston is grateful to F.H. Perry Builder for leading our participation in Stand Against Racism today, and the support they provide for the kids we serve all year long,” said Juma Crawford, Executive Director of Friends-Boston. “This is an opportunity for people from different communities to come together, celebrate their diversity of experiences, and take a stand against racism.”

Friends of the Children-Boston creates generational change by engaging children from high-risk communities in 12 years of transformative mentoring relationships.  Friends-Boston’s long-term goal is that Achievers will graduate from high school and succeed in college.

For more information about the program contact:
Michelle Harrington, Co-Interim Executive Director