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Building. From the inside out.

The art of creating a home that will love you back.

Taking care of all that matters.

So much that goes into shaping a home has nothing to do with building materials.

FH Perry Home

FH Perry Home

Who says the fairy tale has to end? Whether we built it or not, F.H. Perry wants to make sure that the love you have for your home endures. It would be nice if it could...

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Kind Words

Kind Words

The notes arrived unexpectedly and then made their way from hand-to-hand among the F.H. Perry team. Our clients don’t have to take the extra time to write and thank us...

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Care Taking

Care Taking

From Federal to Beaux Arts, no matter what style of home we end up building for you one thing is certain. You’ll have neighbors. And it’s conceivable that before the...

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In progress.

Our projects often involve unique challenges—the solutions to which take us on unexpected journeys. The one below turned into a story just too interesting not to be shared.

One soaring, 900-pound, elliptical staircase—Make that to go, please.

Request: replace the main staircase not original to this 1860s home.

The homeowner’s dream is to restore what was there at the start.

An off-site fabrication solution offers the ultimate quality control.

The precise field conditions in the home are re-created in the shop.

A forest of 2 x 6 studs replicates walls waiting to support the stairs.

In a climate-controlled space treads of Black American Walnut are laid.

This home’s front door measurement as critical as the shop drawings.

Finally delivery day—14 pairs of hands unwrap, then gently lift and carry.

Now all the stairs in this 19th century home feel like they’ve graced it forever.

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