Kind Words

The notes arrived unexpectedly and then made their way from hand-to-hand among the F.H. Perry team. Our clients don’t have to take the extra time to write and thank us but each of us is so gratified that they did.

USS Constitution

Dear Mike,
I’m pleased to report that the system performed very well during its first real stress test on Tuesday. It is an unspeakable pleasure to read the outside temperature in single digits whilst enjoying a morning coffee in complete comfort.

I deeply appreciate your commitment to see this matter to a satisfactory conclusion. You and your firm have my greatest respect because you passed the ultimate test of business integrity: It’s not how you treat a client when everything is coming up roses but rather, how do you treat the client  when there are serious and unforeseen problems to be faced. I felt that you had my back all the way when you could have easily washed your hands and bowed out. Thank you. I won’t forget how you and F.H. Perry conducted yourselves as we worked through this most aggravating problem. Happy New Year to All.

Charlestown, MA

green leaves

“F.H. Perry has gotten inside the spirit of our house.”
Bill Holodnak

Our friendship with Margie and Bill started years ago with the addition of a family room. Then they invited us back to redo their bedroom. Make a few repairs to an aging study. Install custom French doors. Create a new mantel in the dining room. Construct a few built-in bookcases. Put in a new kitchen counter. Add a three-bay garage with a retaining wall and a brick forecourt. Make some landscape renovations, and so on.

Another vision accomplished. (Well, it’s more like ten visions accomplished but who’s counting.)

bird's nest

“I feel like every time I walk through the door, this is the most perfect place on earth.”
Wendy Kistler

They could have moved. They could have started from scratch and built new. But the Kistlers wanted to stay in the house they called home. After all, the place had too many memories to walk away from. But time was taking its toll and the way they used the space had evolved. So, making sure every upgrade fit the family’s needs we renovated two thirds of the property. Introducing a bigger, fresher, and more livable space that even included a special spot for the grandchildren. And through the days of dust and demolition this house never stopped feeling like home. Wendy even called us—the builders—a calming presence in her life. Imagine that.

child in treehouse

“Now our dream is to buy a vacation home and have them ‘do an F.H. Perry on it.’”
Couple from Carlisle

With acres of woodlands and its very own pond, the landscape was right to raise a young family. The house, however, was not. So they called on us to help recreate a home that fit their style and sensibilities. We worked room-by-room and side-by-side to get it right. Introducing natural materials, such as wood, and stone and glass. And for the house that stood among the trees, we delivered a modern day tree house that finally feels like home.