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Your Project: Envisioning

The F.H. Perry approach to project planning takes us on a tireless pursuit of extraordinary quality which we then deliver to you on a predictable timetable and budget. Every design presents its own degree of difficulty, complexity and challenges but those never get in the way of our ability to breakout an estimate to the smallest detail. Our process ensures that there will exist a depth of thinking and detail about virtually every aspect of your project from an individual door to the room it opens into.

We work with you until we see it as clearly as you see it, as you envision it—so completely that once the work begins our team is able to “live” constantly out in front of the project, anticipating and adjusting in real time to ensure both schedule and workmanship remain uncompromised.

Rolling over a Gallery image will reveal two icons—clicking on the open page icon will take you to additional project photos. The zoom icon enlarges the image and clicking on the small, left or right arrows on the photo let you view each project’s featured image in a slide show. Enjoy!